The Problem

Madagascar, a biodiversity hotspot, is being destroyed. 90% of original vegetation is gone. National Parks have been invaded for illegal tree harvesting. The island is suffering from slash-and-burn agriculture. Endangered lemurs are being hunted.

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Our Mission

The Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation exists because more than 90% of lemur species are now facing extinction, making them the most threatened group of mammals on earth. MKLF hopes to lead the effort to save these remarkable creatures. We are committed to the conservation of lemurs and their habitats and education of the local communities.

What We Do

We support local communities

Madagascar’s community-based research groups struggle to conserve protected land. The island’s impoverished inhabitants overconsume natural resources; timber and charcoal from the forests are the primary source of income for many. MKLF improves quality of life for local people, provides local communities with more jobs, enhances facilities and infrastructure of the local villages, provides agriculture education, and raises awareness about importance of lemur conservation.

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Help Us Save the Lemur Population

Earth is the only planet in the universe where we know for certainty that life exists. It is our duty, privilege, and honor to do everything possible to conserve and maintain the full range of lifeforms that share our planet and, at the very least, those that are our closest living relatives, lemurs. You can help stop illegal tree harvesting, raise awareness of the struggles lemurs face, and provide support for Madagascar’s poverty-stricken rural communities. Learn how you can help today.

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