Building wells
Water is the driving force of all nature – Leonardo da Vinci.

– Leonardo da Vinci.
Over 1.5 billion people worldwide have no access to drinking water or sewage facilities.
Across the poverty-stricken and undeveloped island of Madagascar, drinking tap water at home is a luxury only few can afford.

Access to drinking water is very limited too in several places around Sahamalaza National Park in northwest Madagascar because it is a dry area. Families who live in isolated villages do not have access to clean drinking water. The villagers are used to drink and to wash everything with water from the river. In other villages, they dig a well themselves and sometimes the well collapses because it is not built with proper support.

During the high dry season (October to December) the river dries significantly and the people have severe difficulties in accessing safe water. Human existence depends on a safe and reliable water supply. Thus, the villagers always ask us to build a well once we meet them or make a visit in their village.

In Sahamalaza 95% of the population do not have access to drinking water. Providing wells helps to reduce waterborne diseases. We explain to the villagers through a meeting that the well will be built in exchange of environmental protection, they can choose the place where they want to have the well but they should give a land for free and everyone can use the well once it's done. We sign a contract with villagers and all of those conditions are written down.

Let's build a new wells