Rapid Conservation Action to Protect the Blue eyed Black Lemur and its habitat inside the Sahamalaza Iles Radama National Park

On August 4 – 6, 2017 the Association Européenne pour l'Étude et la Conservation des Lémuriens (AEECL) worked with the villagers to clear a firebreak covering 7 kilometers with the use of spades and machetes in the Ankarafa Forest. This firebreak will help prevent spread of any fires, should they happen in the area. There were about 800 participants in this activity. The local stakeholders include the 2nd Deputy Mayor, the Madagascar National Park managers, village heads, schoolteachers and children, and members of the Park Local Committee. The members of this activity were also reminded on the importance of protecting the environment. Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation t-shirts and caps were distributed to the members of the Park Local Committee and heads of the villages that were at this event.

In the village of Ambinda, an informative panel was put up to inform visitors of the spot's relative distance to the park and to show the conservation efforts being made.

Moving back to the camp construction, the toilet block is slowly but surely showing some progress. The frame for the toilet blocks has been set and the wall is gradually built. The obstacle lies with the transportation – only zebu carts are able to bring in the sand needed. It took 2 weeks to haul 1 m³ of sand; this amount of sand can make 150 bricks. To complete the walls, we need about 300 more bricks so 2 m³ of sand has to be brought in.

We hope for continued good weather to last until construction is completed. Help in any form would be very much welcome! Feel free to visit our Facebook page too.