Our passionate
and dedicated team members

  • Marat Karpeka
    Marat Karpeka is a successful entrepreneur. He majored in physics and computer science, spending most of his time in the IT business. Marat's biggest passion is lemurs. Following a long period of donating to various wildlife conservation organizations, he knew he could do more. He says, "I'm a strong believer that each of us can do good things and make the world a better place."
  • Dr. Russell Mittermeier
    Dr. Russell Mittermeier is one of the most influential primatologists in the world. As a consultant, he shares his expertise in lemur conservation with the fund.

    He has published more than 400 scientific and popular articles and 15 books. Dr. Mittermeier was named a "hero for the planet" by TIME Magazine
  • Tatiana Brenyuk
    Tatiana is our ideas generator and administrative manager. She handles all the aspects of work in our team. Being a designer at heart she creates all the small treats we offer to our donors. Tatiana is a passionate archer and yogi and loves designing clothes. She joined the team to pursue Marat's dream of saving Madagascar's biodiversity and helping children. Her motto is "Live your life of use to others"
  • Anastasia Sinkevich
    Anastasia is the mover and shaker of our team. A person full of joy that deals well with multitasking. Apart from running the social media posts of our foundation and maintaining every small detail to catch the readers eye, she is also a young mom. An expeditious individual that works hard to provide the best living for lemurs and the people of Madagascar. Sweet, kind and a very important team member