Knowledge for future generations
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

We believe that environmental education can help to solve complex issues that are present in the Malagasy society.

For an education program to achieve a more long-lasting effect and consequently, conservation success; a change in attitudes, behavioural intention, and ultimately behaviour has to occur. Education plays a massive role in building up a society that is knowledgeable towards the environment and its associated problems.

Providing education for saving the environment should start from primary school. Conservation education can be provided by the use of audio-visual programs, seminars, training programs, environmental awareness campaigns, etc. MK foundation also supports yearly World Lemur Festival which takes place in November. The activities of the festival include: a carnival, a panel discussion, dance and sketch performances and exhibition stands.

There are 34 schools around the Ankarafa and Anabohazo forests in Northwest Madagascar. Many schools in villages around Sahamalaza National Park are in bad condition because they were mainly built by the villagers themselves. The walls are substandard and the roofs leak. Some of the schools need renovation, new desks and chairs. MK fund together with its partners makes sure that the existing or new school will be supported every time needed in terms of stationery, salaries for teachers and extra food for children.

Let's build a new school today