Research station and wells
Let's help scientists & give locals access to clear water
Incorporating the needs of the human population of the region is critical, and striking a balance between conservation and sustainable resource use is of the utmost importance for MK foundation.

The proposed project will form part of the community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) programme that our partners AEECL Madagascar has been implementing in Sahamalaza since several years, the objectives of which are: to maintain and strengthen natural processes and the condition of terrestrial and marine ecosystems; and to improve natural resource use techniques in order to improve the standard of living of the local human populations.

The main component of the project is to increase the presence of researchers and wardens in other core zones of the protected area. For this to work efficiently in the remote core zone of Analavory, a field station similar to the one already existing in Ankarafa will be established.

Four villages in the Commune Rurale d'Ambolobozo that are affected by seasonal droughts will benefit from the construction of wells with manual pumps (one well per village). In return for this development assistance, villagers will be required to commit to a more sustainable management of their forests in line with the community-based conservation programme. The project will be undertaken in close collaboration with Madagascar National Parks.