Just after the local communities of northwest Madagascar celebrated the Lemur Festival between 23rd – 24th September 2018, the first instalment of funds was received in early October by our colleagues and collaborators the AEECL, for the purchase of the first materials needed to begin the construction of the new school in Antafiabe.

Ideally the intention was to complete the school before the rainy season began in December, but things don't always go to plan; especially when you have Mother Nature to contend with and the rains begin to cause trouble with road transport and construction. Having said that, you can see from the photos that we have posted that MKLF and friends haven't done too badly with getting the school building started and well on the way to completion.

In October the ground was broken on the chosen site for the school and the foundations were laid. The first materials were delivered and construction began against the environmental clock.

Progressing into November more funds were sent through and the majority of materials were bought and sent by truck, thankfully on the still navigable road to the village; we needed to make sure that there were enough materials on site for the construction to forge ahead, in the hope that it would be completed by December; unfortunately the rains have begun now and work has slowed down a little but if the construction team can get the roof up, then work can continue happily on the inside of the building.

So we are almost there with the school building, the final funds need to be raised so that hopefully we can give the community of Antafiabe a slightly delayed Christmas present. Please help us to get the funds through to them as quickly as possible and hopefully have a new school building ready for the children to move in to early in the New Year!

We still have a little way to go however, if we are going to fulfil our true goal in providing the children with a good quality education; they still need reading, writing books and pencils, classroom furniture, good nutrition and of course well supported teachers to teach them, and without your help this won't be easy to achieve.

Let's build a new school today