Construction of a new nursery on Vatovavy Mountain!
We want to share with you great news!

Construction of a new nursery on Vatovavy Mountain!

Recent fires have severely damaged the forest in this area, destroying many trees and depriving the lemurs of their habitat.

It is necessary to restore the forest as soon as possible! Planting trees plays a very important role! Together we can do it and the lemurs will have new homes.

Our foundation is starting the construction of a nursery on Vatovavy Mountain, which will allow us to grow about 100,000 trees per year. The nursery design will allow us to secure store-bought seedlings planted in SMART pots for three years, allowing us to give the trees a head start and plant them when they become larger in size. This will allow us to achieve a greater impact from the restoration and reforestation around Vatovava.

Mount Vatovavy is the iconic forest of Madagascar's newly recognized region. It is therefore important that we not only conserve this forest, but also increase its size and quality.

We plant all the trees in smart pots (Smart pots).

Why Smart Pots:

✅acceleration of tree growth.

✅temperature control and aeration of the mail.

✅even distribution of moisture.

The cost of the new nursery is $19,000.

Together we can build a nursery and plant trees !

Everyone's participation is important! Let's help lemurs find new homes!