Ways to Help

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Save the Lemurs today!


Would you like to participate in writing a blog or posts in social network? Are you a great painter and willing to give back and help cute lemurs? Or maybe you are a talented actor? We can always find a way how you can make your own contribution and stay our ambassador! Don’t hesitate to contact us at marina@lemurfund.org.

Become our partner

We believe in the power of network and partnership, because “One man, no man”. As fas as we support community based projects we are looking for partners related to poverty, water, hunger issues, education, technologies, conservation, climate change, etc. We also welcome entrepreneurs, freethinkers and innovators. Just drop us a line and let us know how we can cooperate at marina@lemurfund.org.


Your unreserved donation can help raise awareness and provide support for lemur conservation.

  • Creating protected areas for lemurs with permanent presence of scientists
  • Reforestation of Madagascar and improved quality of life for poor residents
  • Education of future generations (working closely with local communities)
  • Developing ecotourism camps and bring more attention to the problem of lemur extinction

Our unique Conservation Projects cover all these needs. Let’s make it happen together, so our children will be able to see these wonderful creatures, lemurs!

Donate now

Please contact us directly to give in honor or memory of someone, to learn about planned giving options, workplace giving, sponsorships, and corporate giving.

Where the Money Goes

Good stewardship is at the core of The Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation. We keep our organization small, rely on volunteers, and allocate the largest portion of funds possible directly to saving lemurs.

The Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation is currently working on these projects.

Thank you for your donation!