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Our passionate and dedicated team members

Marat Karpeka


Marat Karpeka is a successful entrepreneur. He majored in physics and computer science, spending most of his time in the IT business. Marat’s biggest passion is lemurs. Following a long period of donating to various wildlife conservation organizations, he knew he could do more. He says, “I’m a strong believer that each of us can do good things and make the world a better place.”


Dr. Russell Mittermeier


Dr. Russell Mittermeier is one of the most influential primatologists in the world. As a consultant, he shares his expertise in lemur conservation with the fund.

He has published more than 400 scientific and popular articles and 15 books. Dr. Mittermeier was named a “hero for the planet” by TIME Magazine.

Marina Surskova

Marina is our operations manager. She makes sure that all the projects run as smoothly as possible and in a shortest time. Marina has wide background in operations and project management, as well as marketing and advertising. With her positive attitude and passion for helping others, she is sure to be working with Nonprofits throughout her career. Besides helping MK Lemur fund she spends a lot of time with horses and has her own dog and cat.

Angel Nicolas

Angel is our copywriter, she regularly writes for our blog to share the progress of ongoing campaigns.
Angel has a passion for supporting conservation efforts and believes that with the right information and cooperation of like-minded individuals, even the most difficult projects can succeed. She majored in Biology and has a published paper in the Journal of Medical Sciences. Most of her time is occupied by a bustling 2 year old and a Shih Tzu named Butter.

Tatiana Brenyuk

Tatiana is our ideas generator and administrative assistant. She is naturally artistic person and handles the creative aspects of work in our team. Being a designer at heart she creates all the small treats we offer to our donors. Tatiana is a passionate archer and yogi and loves designing clothes. She joined the team to pursue Marat’s dream of saving Madagascar’s biodiversity and helping children. Her motto is “Live your life of use to others”