Marine & Coastal Protected Area Project

Field station construction in northwest Madagascar. Set up continuous researchers and forest rangers presence to protect sub-humid forests which harbor the last remaining populations of several lemur species.

  • Employment and training of members of the local community
  • Construction of four wells in villages heavily affected by drought
  • Villagers commit to sustainable management of their forests and to protecting lemurs

The Project will strengthen conditions for sustained conservation of biodiversity in and around the existing marine and coastal protected area Sahamalaza – Iles Radama, which is located in the sea and landscape of northwestern Madagascar. It harbors the last remaining populations of critically endangered lemur species, including:

  • Northern giant mouse lemurs
  • Sambirano mouse lemurs
  • Aye-ayes
  • Fat-tailed dwarf lemurs
  • Northern bamboo lemurs
  • Black lemurs

The Field Station

Establishment of a permanently manned field station will include accommodation/tent platforms for researchers, field guides, and a warden. A long term monitoring program will be conducted by the research team.

Field guides will assist conservationists and conservation scientists with daily work, submitting a half-yearly report on results related to their work activities including the number of restricted activities prevented and baseline biodiversity surveys of Analavory Forest carried out, and fragments mapped. They will estimate all resident lemur species in the area of intervention, density of lemur traps, and signs of habitat degradation.

Local Community

Striking a balance between conservation and sustainable resource use is of utmost importance. Incorporating the needs of the human population is critical.

The M&C Protected Area Project will employ and train members of the local community Commune Rurale d’Ambolobozo as well as construct four wells with manual pumps in villages heavily affected by drought. These steps will contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction. In return four contracts will be signed by the villagers for the wells, committing them to safeguarding their natural heritage.

Amount of funding requested : US $56,008
Time period for which funding is requested : 1 year

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