Kianjavato-FOFIFA Project

Renovation of ecotourism camp in Kianjavato Commune, an innovative, community-based project.

Kianjavato Commune in southeastern Madagascar with a humid, tropical forest and agricultural fields. The FOFIFA (Foibe Fihofanana momba ny Fambolena) – Kianjavato Coffee Reserve is critical habitat for the local survival of lemur species, but is under threat. Kianjavato is home to nine lemur species, including several endangered and critically endangered:

  • Greater bamboo lemurs
  • Jolly’s mouse lemurs
  • Black and white ruffed lemur
  • Aye-ayes

Ecotourists are attracted to Jolly’s mouse lemur and critically endangered greater bamboo lemur, both are found nowhere else. The ecotourism camp needs infrastructure development and new facilities to keep tourists coming back.

Kianjavato-FOFIFA Project is committed to reforestation and protection of local forests while raising the standard of living for more than 12,000 people living in Kianjavato Commune. More than 1000 people are currently participating in the reforestation work and the program is on target to plant more than 300,000 trees in the upcoming year.

Together with the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership (MBP), a Malagasy NGO, we are seeking funds to renovate FOFIFA station to stop exploitation of forest resources and open sustainable avenues of income related to ecotourism and research.

Improvements to the FOFIFA Station

  • A raised bridge for pedestrian crossing
    • Will reduce the time people spend in the water, a vector for disease
  • Improved transportation structure with roads and trails
    • Will allow access for tourist groups
    • o Provide a route for vehicles used to transport seedlings, nursery supplies, and reforestation personnel to plant trees
  • Building improvements
    • Lodging and lab space
    • New roofs
    • New doors and windows
    • Solar panels


Amount of funding requested : US $100,000
Time period for which funding is requested : 1 year

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