Protection of Blue-Eyed Black Lemur

Rapid conservation action to protect the blue-eyed black lemur and its habitat inside the Sahamalaza Iles Radama National Park. 

Five lemur species exist within the Sahamalaza Iles Radama National Park area:

  • Blue eyed black lemur
  • Sahamalaza sportive lemur
  • Sambirano mouse lemur
  • Northern giant mouse lemur
  • Fat-tailed dwarf lemur

Sahamalaza Island Radama National Park consists of 3 main forests including the Analavory, Anabohazo and Ankarafa. The Analavory forest is the biggest and unfortunately the damage caused by fire in 2016 was enormous: it was burnt by 80%.


Check point burnt by fire in 2016

The lemurs are depending on the forest and cannot survive without it. The blue-eyed black lemur would go extinct in 13 years if the anthropogenic pressures such as lemur habitat destruction will increase up to 12%. Other four species of lemurs are also in big danger.

The following actions will be taken:

  • Development of a comprehensive solution about the fire. Dialogue with villagers.
  • Improvement of park rangers equipment, purchase of GPS equipment and uniforms.
  • Improvement of tourist facilities in Ankarafa forest, building of two bungalows, tourist paths and installment of informative plaques.
  • Promoting ecotourism will help the community to protect the forest and its biodiversity.
  • It will also help to create work places for local communities (hiring guides).

This work plan will help to prevent lemurs from extinction. We have developed these action plan with villagers during a meeting after the fire. Villagers and decision makers will be involved in the implementation of the project. After the dialogue, there will be an engagement and specific role for each participant.

Amount of funding requested : US $6,200
Time period for which funding is requested : 6 months

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Meeting with the villagers

Meeting with the villagers after the fire

Fire in Analavory forest

Fire in Analavory forest