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Project Description

Let’s build a new school in Antafiabe,
northwest Madagascar.

We want to shift our focus to help the community. We believe that the community has the strongest impact on the environment. The school will be a cornerstone in educating the next generation so that they are more equipped in making a difference.

Antafiabe is the last village that leads to the Ankarafa forest that has a school. The village is dedicated to environment protection and has since been active in reforestation, creating of firebreaks, and hosting the lemur festival.

In Antafiabe, there are 180 school going children and a total of 7 teachers. The building that they are using is already old, currently at 50 years of age and is unable to accommodate all the students and teachers. Around 60 school children will be using the new building. The new school will not have a change in the number of pupils because the parents in the village are keen on sending their children to school. What we will make sure is that all these children will have a better learning experience – they will be able to go to school. Presently, with the conditions of the school building, there are not enough tables and chairs for everyone and during the rainy season classes are not being conducted because of the leaks. The new school will also motivate the teachers, who will need not worry that their lesson plans will be disrupted if classes get canceled.

Aside from the building construction, we need to help with the finer aspects on going to school. First, is to set up the school canteen because it provides complementary food to the pupils. Feeding programs will be conducted twice a month during 5 months from November to April, which are the hunger gap for majority of the families.

Learning is not limited to just the building of the school, it is an ongoing process. Children are like sponges, they have the natural inclination to learn and be curious.

We hope that you share our aspiration to see that these children become successful by getting to complete their education. This does not stop with the building but some help will be needed year on year to ease the burden and help children make their dreams a reality.

Total budget:   $55,600

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