MK Lemur Foundation
4th of December 2017

A Bandit with a Happy Ending

In January 2017, the Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation was made aware that a female raccoon had no suitable living conditions […]

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18th of October 2017


Originally, the blue-eyed black lemur was the subspecies of the black lemur (Eulemur macaco) but has now been separated to […]

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15th of September 2017

Rapid Conservation Action to Protect the Blue eyed Black Lemur and its habitat inside the Sahamalaza Iles Radama National Park

On August 4 – 6, 2017 the Association Européenne pour l’Étude et la Conservation des Lémuriens (AEECL) worked with the […]

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21st of November 2017

The story of one of our donor

The Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation is fortunate to have a supporter who wanted to share her journey with our readers. […]

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11th of August 2017

Updates on the Kianjavato-FOFIFA Project

The Kianjavato community had donated land for the reforestation nursery, however this created difficulty in accessing the river for water. […]

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26th of November 2017

Video: Marat’s story about organization’s mission

Founder of the organization, Marat Karpeka, narrates why lemurs are in the brink of extinction and explains the mission of […]

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7th of July 2017

Protection of Blue-Eyed Black Lemur – Update

In 2016, another devastating fire had engulfed areas of the Sahamalaza Iles National Park. It was crucial that a rapid […]

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22nd of July 2016

World Lemur Festival 2015

World Lemur Festival 2015 has been held on October in Antananarivo with the help of Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation. Key […]

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25th of November 2016

World Lemur Festival 2016

This year MK Lemur foundation was happy to support The World Lemur Festival on Madagascar again. The festival’s long term […]

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